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Green Wealth Neo Hair Lotion 120 ML Made In Thailand

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Green Wealth Neo Hair Lotion 120 ML Made In Thailand

Hair Root Nutrients made by the Ancient Home Remedy Techniques and from the Deep forests of Thailand. Green Wealth brand offers Neo Hair Lotion, which is a Result Oriented, Most Trusted and 5 Star Rated Product.

Green Wealth Neo Hair Lotion Uses the Ancient Home Remedies for Hair Treatment Along with Modern Science. Purely Made of All Natural Ingredients Herbal Techniques Using the Base of Cucumis Melo Extract, Saw Palmetto, Ginseng Radix, Equisetum Arvense Extract & More Which Are Extremely Helpful for Hair.

  • Green Wealth Neo Hair Lotion helps to prevents loss of hair, thinning, or baldness.
  • Green Wealth Neo Hair Lotion helps to accelerates new hair growth.
  • Green Wealth Neo Hair Lotion helps to maintains and repairs the hair root and hair follicles.
  • The herbal extract is beneficial for both hair and scalp with no chemicals.

143 Reviews

  • 5
    New hair lotion

    Posted by Abdul on 14th May 2024

    تعامل راقي وأكثر من رائع في التجاوب مع المشكلة التي واجهتني بخصوص الاسبراي الخاص بالمنتج، نتائج المنتج رائعة ويظهر مع مرور الوقت الفارق قبل وبعد استخدامه

  • 4
    Spray quality

    Posted by KHALID ALBASSAM on 10th May 2024

    Spraying problem quality

  • 4
    Good work

    Posted by Ahsan Ullah on 8th May 2024

    I have been using it for 4 years. it works.

  • 5
    Excellent Product for hair

    Posted by Jasim ahmed on 4th May 2024

    I purchased the product for the first time from Aliexpress. It worked for me. However, many shops in Aliexpress have FAKE Neo Hair products.Only few shops sell genuine Neo Hair. It is hard to figure out which store in Aliexpress sells the genuine products. I highly recommend to buy the products from their company website( and not from Aliexpress or Amazon. The price difference is small and not worth waisting time and effort abd at the end does not work. My experience with genuine Neo Hair Lotion is excellent. The product does work. You will see difference from the 3 rd week. Full benefits of the products will be visible in 2 -3 months.

  • 5
    amazing ,

    Posted by athari alharfouche on 1st May 2024

    its amazing product

  • 3
    Neo hair lotion review

    Posted by Firas Abu Odeh on 15th Apr 2024

    Dears, In comparison to my old purchases, this one felt different and made my hair dry.

  • 5
    BY ORIGINAL here

    Posted by Jasim Hijres on 14th Apr 2024

    I have a good experience with Neo Hair Lotion. I used FAKE products from Aliexpress which sometimes work and sometimes do not work. I decided to buy it directly from the source Greenwealth store. Please do not waist your money and time effort by using FAKE products from either other stores or Aliexpress. The price difference is not that large to risk using FAKE which could affect your hair and you do not know what inside FAKE products.

  • 5
    BY ORIGINAL here

    Posted by Jasim Hijres on 14th Apr 2024

    I have used many products before including minxodi which I was disappointed. I used Neo Hair Lotion over 2 years. I purchased them from Aliexpress website. Unfortunately some Neo Hair works well and some of then were FAKE and do not work. I decided to buy Neo Hair Lotion from the the company directly. I am very happy of their products because of my past experience. I highly recommend buying the product directly and not from any other stores. The chance that the products are FAKE is very high these days and you will end spending your mo et and time for products that are not ORIGINAL .As a result all your efforts go down the drain.

  • 5

    Posted by Mohammed Youssef on 12th Apr 2024

    Best Customer service l can’t believe l received my delivery in 2 days ?and it is nice product


1) Shower and Clean Head Scalp

Make sure your head is clean. Wash your head before applying Green Wealth

Neo Hair Lotion

2) Pre-Massage and Comb

Gently massage your head with fingers for two to three minutes. Then comb or Brush your head, even if there is no hair at all.

3) Spray Green Wealth Neo Hair Lotion

Directly spray Green Wealth Neo Hair Lotion into the roots of the Scalp. Make sure the whole head is covered and wet in Green Wealth Neo Hair Lotion.